Friday, August 1, 2008

Raise a glass to Darryl Goss

I am posting this important press release for a great cause. Please attend or just send a check.


Contact: Doug Fleming





Fact: ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig's disease, has no boundaries‑anyone can get it.

Fact: Life expectancy is typically two to five years from time of diagnosis.

Fact: There is currently no cure.

Boston, MA -- Live music, cold beer, delicious food, and a good game of 9-ball…. Sound like the perfect Thursday night? Well, on August 14, 2008, it may also be your way to help someone in need! Flat Top Johnny’s, 1 Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, will host Raise a Glass to Darryl Goss, a benefit in appreciation of Boston's legendary brewer, Darryl Goss.

Darryl was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in February 2006. ALS, often referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects the body’s motor neurons and results in the inability to initiate and control muscle movement. Symptoms include loss of speech, inability to swallow or breathe on one’s own, and ultimately, in the later stages of the disease, total paralysis. There's no known cure. Darryl is in the fight of his life and needs your help.

The event Raise a Glass to Darryl Goss was created to celebrate Darryl's passions while we raise awareness of ALS and funds for Darryl’s considerable medical needs and care. The native New Englander was head brewer at Cambridge Brewing Company for seven years and master brewer at SkyView CafĂ© and Brewery in New Hampshire for two years. He brought art to craft brewing and made a huge impact by bringing a taste for traditional European beers to New England. His beer impressed local beer aficionados and won him medals at the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado. He's a legend in the community and could often be seen on his '65 Harley or enjoying live music just about anywhere in Boston.

On August 14, Flat Top Johnny's is hosting the live acts The Men, Autumn Circle, and Bunzey Park. A 9–ball tournament and silent auction will provide additional entertainment and the chance to win fabulous prizes. To be a part of this special night, we suggest a donation of $15 at the door. All of the proceeds will be donated to Darryl Goss, a man whose courage and passion for life inspires us all.

If you are unable to make this special event and you would like to help Darryl live with ALS, send check or money order to FBO Darryl Goss, c/o Robbins, 14 Connecticut Avenue, 2nd Fl., Somerville, MA 02145.

If you want to contribute to finding a cure for ALS, please donate to Team Darryl (, whose members will ride the Tri State Trek in July‑270 miles from Boston to New York‑to raise awareness for ALS and to benefit ALS Therapy Development Institute ( With your help, Team Darryl can raise enough money to help ALS TDI continue its research into therapies that slow the process down and ultimately to find a cure!

So Raise a Glass to Darryl! Together we can help him to live well with ALS.