Sunday, November 2, 2008

Samuel Smith's Organic Apple Cider...

I am generally not a fan of hard cider. I had a friend that worked for Woodchuck a while back and it was pretty good, but I couldn't drink it too often. It always tasted too sweet to me. Obviously beer is my thing and just about always my drink of choice.

Well I made a recent visit to one of my favorite places, King Eider's Pub in Damariscotta, ME. Jed does a great job with the beer selection--there is always something interesting on tap and the small bottle selection is very good too. I had the amazing crab cakes for dinner and paired them up with a couple of super smooth Ayinger Oktoberfest drafts.

So back to my point, cider. Jed insisted that I try the Samuel Smith's Organic Apple Cider. Since everything Samuel Smith's produces is fantastic I was sure the cider was good, but cider really isn't my thing. Jed comped me on a pint just to get me to try it...any I am so glad he did. It has an amazing fresh apple aroma, but it isn't overwhelmingly sweet. This is the best cider I have ever tried--it has a crisp dryness that would pair amazingly well with Thanksgiving dinner (I just might try to find some for this year). I also like the carbonation that is effervescent without being overwhelming and it finishes with a slightly spicy, tartness. Thanks Jed, this is really good stuff.