Thursday, May 22, 2008

A whole lot of nonsense...

Ok, I have held back as long as I could. These Coors Light ads are killing me so I want some good answers for what all or one of these inane phrases mean. I know you can come up with some funny responses.

"Tastes as cold as the Rockies"
"The World's Most Refreshing Beer"
"Cold. Down. Easy."

And what is the deal with those absolutely ridiculous labels that turn blue when they are the right temperature. Are you kidding me...what are we 4 years old...are these colorforms, where are the crayons? Does this gimmick actually sell beer?

Ok, I am done now--I feel a little bit better getting that off my chest.


Keith said...

We don't watch much TV, but recently I was at the hospital (wife gave birth to #4) and I flipped on the tube and saw the Coors ad which calls that beer the most refreshing in the world. I think I laughed out loud. Ads about beer, perhaps more than other consumer goods, reveal advertising what it is: a whole lot of poppycock (and hence, one of the main reasons we don't watch TV).

bostonbeerman said...

I am a big sports fan and I can't get away from the beer ads on tv. I guess I use them as comic relief. For example, I am watching the Red Sox right now and just saw a dumb beer ad while I am sipping an Ommegang Ommegeddon Funkhouse Ale. I am not trying to be a beer snob. people should drink whatever they want. This beer is packed with flavor and I found it very refreshing...maybe I should call it the most refreshing beer in the world! :)

Anonymous said...

"Tastes as cold as the Rockies" -
I believe it tastes closer to the yellow snow left behind from a dog sled team

"The World's Most Refreshing Beer"
....If you stick your balls in it after running a marathon

"Cold. Down. Easy."
I believe this is a reference to a Northeast prostitute


bostonbeerman said...

JD - good call, I think you may have just hit it on the head. My next pet peave might just be Bud Light with Lime. The ads are really beginning to kick in with that one.