Wednesday, June 25, 2008

American Craft Beer Fest...

Did you get to the American Craft Beer Fest at the World Trade Center in Boston last weekend? I was pretty impressed with the size of the crowd and the well-planned logistics of getting everyone in the building. I was less impressed with the huge set-up given to "Michelob Brewing Company" and Here's to Beer as you entered the festival. Why not throw up a huge neon sign that said Anheuser Busch sponsored this event. But then again I have a hang up with AB, to each their own...I guess you have to pay the bills and if people really want to drink that stuff with all the other amazing options available to them, let them, it only makes the other lines shorter. Speaking of that, the lines were significantly longer than those at the Cyclorama, especially for the great breweries, but I didn't mind too really was kind of awesome to see so many people drinking great beer.

The list was pretty impressive--0ver 300 beers and 75 brewers. There were so many great options and the hall was so large I barely made my way through the whole place in three the past, I would loop around the cyclorama several times. Just curious, did anyone figure out the IBUs on Garrett Oliver's shirt...that thing was badass, I loved it.

Bottomline I had a great time, but I have two major complaints. The food was awful. I needed my Belgian waffle fix and I was so upset to discover I would not be getting one. Moreover, the Sunset Grill catering at previous festivals provided much better options and quality, the food available this time was less than desirable. It was also a bit concerning that you had to stand in line for water, at least I didn't notice water stations elsewhere. I gather the World Trade Center would not allow outside catering, but I would rather have the Sunset Grill at the Cyclorama than crappy concession food at a nicer venue. Did I mention I wanted my Belgian waffle, I was Jonesing for that waffle by the end of the night.

The second complaint is the portopotties...are you kidding! The event was at the World Trade Center. I could not believe I was forced to piss in a johnny on the spot while indoors. After two previous sessions, the whole area reeked of urine and I pretty much had to avoid the right side of the hall after 8pm. The lines had diminished a bit and I was talking to Tod Mott at the Portsmouth booth, but I just could not stand the smell.

Ok I am done bitching, overall the event was fantastic, choices, choices, and more choices. The most exciting part was discovering a few breweries I had never heard of.


Anonymous said...

This was overall a very good event. You couldn't ask for a better line-up of beers. There were certainly some areas for improvement though. I'm not sure what smelled more, the portopotties or the Michelob booth. AB has no right at these events. The Alstroms have done a great job with putting on these events and if they need AB's money to keep it going than we will just have to put up with it I guess. Focusing on the positive, it was great to see so many people out at this event. The staff did a great job of moving people along quickly and in a organized manner. I had a great time but I'll be happy going back to the cozy confines of the Cyclorama with the Belgian waffles and great food from Sunset Grill.


kaicevy said...

I was less impressed with the huge set-up given to "Michelob Brewing Company" and Here's to Beer as you entered the festival

bostonbeerman said...

The funniest part is that a few of my friends slipped over to the Michelob set-up while I was using the repulsive portopots and picked up a Michelob Hefeweizen. They gave it to me as a test to see if I liked it. I am happy to say I was well...not good.