Friday, January 14, 2011

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace

7.6% abv. Made with somewhat rare Sorachi Ace hops and Brooklyn's Belgian yeast strain...then 100% champagne yeast re-fermentation. The corked and caged bottle opens with a big pop and pours yellow gold with a thick marshmallow head that is not going anywhere anytime soon. I poured it into a Chimay glass and the carbonation is clearly visible in the center of the glass 10 minutes after the first pour.

Citrusy lemon, cloves and mild banana on the nose. This beer smells incredible. Carbonation and hop bitterness make for an interesting mouthfeel. It finishes dry, but leaves you craving another sip. Virtually no alcohol presence, so this one can really sneak up on you. Spicyness intensifies with each sip, including cloves, white pepper, and a fresh hoppy spicyness as well - perhaps lemongrass? The Sorachi Ace hop varietal is from Japan and this is the first time I have knowingly tried it in a beer. I really like the fresh citrus fruit flavors and I am even detecting a bit of piney resin flavor as well. I wish I had some good cheese in the house to pair this with right now. This isn't Saison Dupont, but it is damned good. Find some, get some great cheese and enjoy the show. I give it a 4.3 out of 5. Great stuff.

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