Friday, February 4, 2011

Has Magic Hat lost its Magic...

I picked up a Magic Hat Spring Fever 12 pack the other day. It included the standard #9 and Circus Boy, as well as two new ones for me, Vinyl Lager and Demo IPA. My first thought was what happened to the days of Thumbsucker Russian Imperial Stout...that was Magic Hat at its pinnacle. Lately it seems that Magic Hat is either trying too hard or perhaps not enough. I am really not sure which it is. I keep thinking back to Wacko, the ale with beet juice added. Do I need to say more, beet juice to make it pinkish, are you kidding me. Anyway, here are of these two new ones.

Vinyl Lager
Pours a dark amber color with a 1/2 inch thick head. Wheat cracker and mild lemon scent. Crisp lemony hop bite on the sides of the mouth. Toasted caramel malt. Medium bodied with a decent drinkability. Dry and clean at finish. Decent lace. This is a pretty good lager, but nothing special.

Demo IPA
6% abv. Pours a surprising dark brown. Cascade hop aroma. Interesting balance at times of sweet roasted malt and citrusy hop. Really more of a pale ale or ESB hop profile with a little extra kick. Certainly drinkable. Decent lace. Some chocolate malt flavors at finish. An ok beer.

To quote Grey over at Razzball, these beers are quite "yawnstipating."

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bx said...

Back when I was at Wellesley I was a big fan of Magic Hat... but now I'm bored of #9 and not really into any of their new offerings.