Friday, June 6, 2014

This is a revival that I can appreciate...

Revival Brewing Company Double Black IPA

Label on the bottle depicts Chinook vs. Sorachi Ace. 8% abv. Given to me by Trevor Smith (thank you sir), who recently met the brewer. Bottled by Cottrell Brewing Company for Revival Brewing Company. Pours a rich dark brown color with big whitish tan head. Tootsie roll, lemon, cilantro, and roasted hazelnuts on the nose. First sip is a burst of tangy citrus and piney hops that finishes with a mild coffee ice cream flavor. The two hop flavors really do battle it out with each sip. Roasted nuts, milk chocolate and a few herbal notes. Extremely drinkable for the relatively strong 8% abv. Becomes astringent toward the end of the bottle, but not in a bad way. I am a big fan of this style and this one really holds it weight. This beer is a must try.

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Thomas Kemp said...

Another interesting and informative post,The food looks amazing, and I'm definitely going to try some of these beers! :)