Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two for two...

Maine Beer Company - Lunch IPA

This is the second beer by the Maine Beer Company that I have tried in the last few days and they are knocking it out of the park. Here is a review:

7% abv. Had this on the eve of Hurricane Irene. Pours to a big head that dissipates quickly. Rich piney and sweet orange hops aromas right from the pour. Lots of delicious yeast and sediment all over the glass make it dirty water murky (but in a good way). Nice initial hop flavor. Hop profile seems similar to HopDevil IPA and maybe even Lagunitas Censored (two beers I absolutely love). Dry and astringent at finish, but slightly spicy hop flavors linger and continue to bite. Sneaky strong at 7% abv. Has a wonderful cask conditioned taste, smell and mouthfeel. I love nano breweries that can produce this kind of quality. Some slightly fruity and cracker-like malt sweetness, but pretty much all hops. This is another one that I could drink all night long.

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Jeff said...

I just picked up the Peeper and Zoe Ales over at Blanchards. Nice to hear my Maine people have once again produce another top notch brewery.