Monday, January 29, 2007

Mr. Rogers, Arnold Palmer and Rolling Rock...

The question that accompanied this old trivia answer is "name the three most famous things from Latrobe, PA." Rolling Rock was synonymous with Latrobe, PA -- ask your dad or your grandfather. However, in May 2006 the brewery was sold and the good old "33" will no longer be brewed in Latrobe. Take a guess at which brewing powerhouse flexed its muscles and shut down the brewery. Good guess, Anheuser Busch.

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bostonbeerman said...

As a follow-up, I saw the new post Superbowl Rolling Rock ad yesterday. You could tell it was a Bud ad. The sadest part was seeing the following text at the bottom "Latrobe Brewing Company, St. Louis, Missouri.

I am going to guess that Rolling Rock has been banned in a number of Latrobe bars.