Friday, March 23, 2007

The Ultimate Annoying Pop-up Ad...

It is bad enough that Coors Light infiltrates just about every sporting event on television (especially now that baseball season is approaching), but how about having a Silver Bullet train stream across your computer screen every day at 4:53pm. The company is trying a brilliant new ad campaign on websites popular with men in the 18-34 bracket. Thankfully I moved out of that bracket last year and I am generally not surfing the web just before 5pm.

Think about it though, getting a perfectly targeted email 7 minutes before quittin' time. Now if I could only get the monks at Chimay or Westmalle to run an add across my museum's website page and the campaign would work for me.

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Jonathan said...

Brilliant. As far as ad campaigns go, I have to admit it's a pretty good one. As far as beer morality goes, I hope Coors burns to the ground.